Monday, September 29, 2008

Things I've Done (Continuation of previous post)

Part 2 Cont'd

Saw Some Nice Cars.

Saw Some Great Cars :)

Saw Some babes..

More Babes and Bikes :p

Saw Even More Bikes.. I personally love this Bike's look ^^

I've tried to take some videos of the F1 on my handphone but most of the places were blocked with black cloth and tons of Auxillary Policemen. Only managed to find some holes thru which I could peek. But most offered only split second viewing per car. The place where I went the first night.. they allowed us to sit and view the split second views.. 2nd night I went there the same guard was chasing ppl away. Oh well went around and found a better view up the stairs besides Marina Square. Got tired and went downstairs to 7 Eleven where we found a nice spot where the cloth banner was super translucent and watched thru it.. though the cars were still a blur.. It was ALOT louder and more fun :). Predicted with a friend that a car crashed when we saw no cars coming soon after the first lap.After we predicted, we saw safety vehicles rushing by... turned out we were right hehe. We knew we were right when we saw a projection in a pub showing a crashed vehicle. :P

Most of the time during these weeks were finishing touches for the FYP.. presentation went quite well till the Demo where a question was asked and I could not really grasp what was asked -_-.. prob brain was still asleep as it was an early morning presentation.. Oh well.. waiting for results. Hoping for at least a C >.<. Next up.. Portfolio creation.. Wonder how I'll go about doing it >.<.. Oh well Too tired to think now.. I'll tackle that issue tomorrow.. for now.. Gd Nite :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Time No See :P

Lol it's been a long long time since I last had a proper update, been too busy with my Final Year Project I suppose, or too busy de-stressing when I done a task needed. Anyways, Just finished my final presentation yesterday so all that's left to do is wait for results.. Hehe. Here's some pics of stuff I did or see, from the last few weeks till today LOL.

Taking Care Of My Precious Hermits

Saw Cars At The Singapore Import Night..

Saw Even More Cars.. They had a Car Drift Show, personally I felt the Malaysian Drifter was WAY.. Better than the local one.. He had more continuity :P

Saw Some Babes.. Have more.. but too blur to even wanna post. (Lousy 5 mp Phone GRRR!!!)

Had Tea At Tea Chapter :) I'm not an avid tea fan, but the tea they served was NICE :), Played pickup sticks, and aeroplane boardgame there too.. :)

More to come in next post :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi All I've Created A New Blog

And the URL is.. It's Basically About The Life Of My.. As of today 6.5 Hermit Crabs. Why the .5? Lol I'll Explain There sooner or later ha :)

No Posts Recently As Life Felt too Mundane to Share :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fireworks video

Again pardon the shakey video.. Used a handphone cam to capture the moment :)


Hi all,
Been a long long time since I last blogged.
During this long absence, I've been doing my
FYP (final year project) for school,
tried baking cake with flour from Daiso, with nutella, rum flavouring and bananas,
which turned out quite a flop in shape and texture as theres a big bump below, but tasted suprisingly nice :) though it was hard. Looks nice though :) as shown below
And, hehe also attended a fireworks show at the
marina floating platform, which will be posted
later if nothing goes wrong ha.
*Note* 2nd cake appeared worse.. Several things happened..
1) it became volcano shaped with cracks included..
2) it sunk as it cooled till it look like flat land with ravines in it.
3) when i flipped it over there was a huge bump below it even though i tapped it alot of times to get rid of the bubbles..
4) it felt like chocolate rum pound cake.. Even though... I bought Sponge Cake Mix.

**NOTE 2** videos of fireworks next post :) pardon the lousy cameramanship :p